Finding a path forward for me and the planet

Hello, and welcome to Pedalling Forwards: a bike journey to heal the planet and myself. Thank you to everyone who supported my ride in search of sustainability innovations and good-news-stories.

My name’s Nick. I was an engineer and scientist turned not-for-profit climate campaigner and community organiser, but this work took its toll on me. In 2019, I set off on a personal quest: a bike ride of over 5000km, from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of Queensland, in search of sustainability good-news-stories. I spent eight months on the road, living from my second-hand bicycle, travelling to innovative sustainability projects and blogging about them as I went.

It was a search for possibilities and a way forward. From industrial plastics recycling to community solar projects; from an electric truck factory to a hospital waste program; from rainforest restoration to algae carbon farming; and from nuclear fusion research to programs reducing food waste; it was a chance to explore the many ways Australians are tackling the big environmental problems of our time.

It was also a personal healing journey. Feeling jaded and lost, I set off on this bike quest seeking alone-time, renewed purpose and an antidote to the relentless bad news about the environment. I pedalled through sprawling suburbs and lush rainforests, across arid farmland and steep mountain ranges, meeting a host of interesting characters along the way. I endured scorching heat, wind, rain and snow, and overcomes challenges such as breaking a rib, being hit by a car and crossing Australia’s highest mountain pass — all of it helping to build my physical and mental resilience.

I’ve come a long way and gained so much from this bike journey. I’ve spent my time since then writing a book manuscript about the journey, while continuing to move forwards — one pedal at a time.

Thank you again to all the people who so generously supported my journey, from donating funds, to offering a bed and hot shower, to giving me advice on projects to visit. A huge thank you to all those who showed me around their sustainability projects — and thanks for the wonderful work you’re doing!

Thanks also for following my journey! It was great to have you along for the ride.