WA Ride – Finish

It turns out I cycled about 1,250km over the 31 days, meandering here and there.

This trip was partly about mastering the art of free travel, but inevitably there were costs.

The bike cost me $80 second-hand from the community bike workshop in Sydney, and I attached assorted second-hand parts to it, such as a bike stand. I had a new back wheel built for it for $155 before I left. The two panniers cost $185 and the rest of the gear I got cheap from op-shops or were items I’d collected over the years for hiking trips.

I spent about $1,200 in total while on the road: $21.50 on average per day on groceries, which were more expensive in the remote areas; $160 on accommodation, two thirds of which I spent in the last week; $160 on repairs and parts; $135 on my bus tickets home; plus some other items such as gifts, phone credit, and second-hand books along the way.

I think it would be cool to pick up the odd backpacker-style job along the way to replenish funds and sustain the bicycle nomad lifestyle indefinitely.

It’s been quite a special journey for me. Thank you so much everyone for following along and keeping me company on the road. Whilst it’s the end of this journey, it’s now the start of another.